Patenga Beach

Patenga is a sea beach located 14 kilometres south of the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is near the mouth of the Karnaphuli River.This beach near the port city is a popular tourist spot among the locals as well as the outsiders. The sandy beach, fresh breeze from the sea and the surrounding area are perfect combination for an idle time spending. A lot of people go there for evening walk or just to sit there at peace. Some mobile shops selling sea food will be found on the beach. But those are not recommended to try as they do not do it in a healthy way. The king lobsters are quite expensive also. The crabs are, on the contrary, sometimes better. There is a small market place by the beach where they sell clothes, hats, pickles and nuts from Myanmar and some other local products. Overall, it's a happening and must visit place, if you are in Chittagong.

Foy's Lake Amusement Park

Foy's Lake, famous for its picturesque beauty, has become a world class family amusement zone in Bangladesh. Realizing the true potential of Foy's lake and to utilize its potential of Foy's Lake and to utilize its potential, Bangladesh Parjatan corporation leased the Lake to concord group renowned for its development of amusement facilities in Bangladesh.

Open Hours: 10AM–7:30PM
Phone: +880 312566080